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The Boy from Velitrae: Octavian and the Fall of the Roman Republic: First Edition

Neil Johnson
Published: 2015
ISBN-13: 9781871622782
Format: Paperback
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Related title:
The Boy from Velitrae: Octavian and the Fall of the Roman Republic: Second Edition

This second edition of The Boy from Velitrae, revised and expanded continued to bring to life the fifteen-year-long period between the assassination of Julius Caesar and the emergence of Octavian (the future Caesar Augustus) as sole ruler of Rome and its territories. This period of Roman history embodied a drama of extraordinary emotional intensity, from Octavian's birth in 63BC to the suicides of Antony and Cleopatra in 30BC, and from the Battle of Forum Gallorum to the Battle of Alexandria. The story is told clearly and concisely in a manner that will appeal to students in their final years of secondary education who are taking courses in Classical Studies. More than that, by telling the story in humorous verse Neil Johnson has made it great fun - no mean feat when recording the bloody acts and appalling cruelty of a man who would allow nothing to stand in the way of his climb to power. The Boy from Velitrae makes an excellent companion to Octavian's Rise to Power by Willow Sainsbury and Neil Johnson (Marius Press, 2013).


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