Wonders of Vàldovar: The King and Wizard Stories, Book 3

Neil Johnson, Illustrated by Victoria Flack
Published: 2007
ISBN-13: 9781871622287
Format: Hardback
RRP: £14.99
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The King and Wizard stories recount the adventures of a clever King and a wily old Wizard, in a series of three lavishly illustrated hardback books. In the stories, acclaimed as modern classics, the Wizard solves a series of problems arising in the faraway land of Vàldovar. The books, which are suitable for children in the 7–13 age-group, are written with humour, are beautifully illustrated in full colour, and are accompanied by CDs on which the songs and poems in the stories have been set to specially-composed, fully orchestrated and sung music.

In Book 3, Poor King Ferdinand the Thirteenth has yet more problems to solve. The menfolk are unhappy about a Pedlar, some sheep are disappearing, one by one, and Gorth the Sculptor has just broken up one of his carvings. A suitable successor has to be found for the River Warden, Eustace the Pageboy is dreadfully untidy and lazy, and a young man is trying unsuccessfully to fly! Once again the Wizard-who-lives-in-the-Wood is asked to help – but can he?

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