Magic in Vàldovar: The King and Wizard Stories, Book 1

Neil Johnson, Illustrated by Victoria Flack
Published: 2005
ISBN-10: 1871622220
ISBN-13: 9781871622225
Format: Hardbackback
RRP: £14.99
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The King and Wizard stories recount the adventures of a clever King and a wily old Wizard, in a series of three lavishly illustrated hardback books. In the stories, acclaimed as modern classics, the Wizard solves a series of problems arising in the faraway land of Vàldovar. The books, which are suitable for children in the 7–13 age-group, are written with humour, are beautifully illustrated in full colour, and are accompanied by CDs on which the songs and poems in the stories have been set to specially-composed, fully orchestrated and sung music.

In Book 1, we find that all is not well in the Kingdom of Vàldovar, and King Ferdinand the Thirteenth has to do something about it – quickly! The evil King Madrak is about to invade and Zorath the Blacksmith is in deep trouble over a golden hammer. Queen Berenice is working far too hard on a wonderful tapestry, Doctor Abladur is baffled by a strange sickness sweeping over the land, and Prince Almeric is thoroughly miserable (but doesn't know why). King Ferdinand's friend the Wizard-who-lives-in-the-Wood offers some very strange help in solving these thorny problems.

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