Dr Johnson's Reliquary of Rediscovered Words

Neil Johnson
Published: 2008 by Square Peg
ISBN-13: 9781871622348
Format: Hardback
RRP: £9.99
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Dr Johnson's Reliquary of Rediscovered Words: First Edition

This is the Square Peg edition which carried the following on the fly-leaf of the cover: "In these pages you will discover words you never knew existed, and rediscover many that you had forgotten or had given up all hope of ever seeing again. If the amoindering of our language by fifish chuffs leads you to fleer, or perhaps even to dwine, and if the infandous overslipping of orthoepy makes you feel howish or wamble, then this is most certainly the book for you. Prepare to fike, gane and gaure as Dr Johnson certiorates, carrying carotic catachresis to new heights, and providing all lovers of leguleian lexicographical detail with a rich feast of mullock, cultch and peltry."

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