Neurosurgery for Surgical Trainees: Third Edition

W. Adriaan Liebenberg and Reuben D. Johnson
Published: 2018
ISBN-13: 9780954731434
Format: Paperback
RRP: £34.95
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This is the third edition of the widely acclaimed book Neurosurgery for Basic Surgical Trainees, its slightly changed title reflecting recent developments in the categorisation of surgical trainees in the UK. The previous edition has been extended and updated (to include, for example, a valuable introduction to spinal neurosurgery). It remains recognised as the perfect, succinct guide to the practicalities of managing neurosurgical patients, interpreting CT head scans, understanding neurosurgical procedures and using the more common monitoring and scoring systems. This is essential reading for all those considering a career in neurosurgery and is the standard vade mecum for all neurosurgical trainees.

Neurosurgery for Basic Surgical Trainees and Neurosurgery for Surgical Trainees are published under the imprint of Hippocrates Books, an associate company of Marius Press. Marius Press is the distributor for all Hippocrates Books publications.

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