Against All Odds: The Story of a Norfolk Garden

Barbara Sommerville
Published: 2016
ISBN-13: 9781871622980
Format: Paperback
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Late in 1998 Barbara Sommerville eventually found and bought a derelict cottage surrounded by nearly an acre of wilderness in West Norfolk. After a fraught time rebuilding the cottage she relinquished her Cambridge terrace and moved into her new home to begin creating a garden. The first hole she dug revealed that the acre was on the site of an old Brecklands sand-pit. It was also infested with rabbits, moles, voles and deer. This charming little book tells the story of the conquest of builders, gardeners' vermin, nettles and honey fungus, not to mention extreme drought, to make, at last, a beautiful garden. Scattered with asides on the history of the landscape, old industries and the fens, the book is liberally illustrated with photographs, many of them Barbara's own. Written with wit and humour, this book will delight all who love gardens   and particularly those who would relish the extreme challenges presented by this one.

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