Branthwaite's Lot

Richard Mason
Published: 2012
ISBN-13: 9781871622089
Format: Paperback
RRP: £9.99
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This is a powerful story of love and tragedy amidst the harsh realities of farming life in the north-west of England during the Second Wold.War. Bill Branthwaite, the proprietor of Friar's Holme Farm, is an unpopular man. Strangely, while he runs his business with ruthless efficiency, he refuses to drain or plough his high land - Branthwaite's Lot. He has been known to react irrationally and even violently to the mere sight of anyone walking across the Lot, and when a major gas main is to be laid across it, Branthwaite is pushed to the edge of insanity. What events occurred on Friar's Holme Farm many years earlier to transform Bill Branthwaite from the mild-mannered young man he once was into the social outcast he has now become? Does Branthwaite's Lot – a place of secrets" – hold the answer?

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