The Third Story

The Sculptor


In Vàldovar, the royal castle stands on a hill, surrounded by grassy meadows and woodland, through which run streams of silver water. A little way from the castle is a village, its narrow streets bordered by pretty cottages with thatched roofs. Flowers of many colours grow in front of the cottages, and pink and white roses clamber round the doors and windows.
    If you were to walk into the very centre of this village, you would find an open space – a square, paved with flat cobbles and shaded by rowan trees. In the middle of the square stands a magnificent statue of a king and queen, seated side-by-side on their royal thrones, and holding hands. They are looking at each other and smiling.
    The statue has been carved from granite, hewn from the great quarry high in the hills of Dorran which lie to the north of Vàldovar, and at its base, on a plinth of the finest marble, there is an inscription, which reads: