The Sixth Story

The Tailor


Long, long ago, in the land of Vàldovar, in the reign of King Ferdinand the Thirteenth, there lived a tailor by the name of Havelas. His great skill was renowned throughout the kingdom, and people came from far and wide to have their best clothes designed and made by him.
      No other tailor in the whole of Vàldovar could match Havelas in sewing a straight seam, or turning a perfect hem. Whether he worked with silk or linen, wool or velvet, the clothes that Havelas made always fitted his customers perfectly.
      No-one knew how old Havelas was, though he was certainly very old; his hair was white and he had white, bushy eyebrows. Despite his age, he never seemed to stop working. Every day, if you looked through the window of his cottage and into his workshop, you would see Havelas, sitting on a wooden chair by his workbench (which was piled high with fabrics of all types and colours), sewing and cutting, cutting and sewing, morning, noon and night. He worked so hard, and so quickly did he sew, that he could make ten garments a day, and sometimes more.