The Second Story

The Blacksmith


In the fair land of Vàldovar there are many blacksmiths, for nearly everyone rides a horse, and even the very small children have ponies. A long, long time ago, in the reign of the great King Ferdinand the Thirteenth, there lived in Vàldovar a blacksmith by the name of Zorath.
      Zorath was renowned throughout Vàldovar, for no other smith could make a better horseshoe or fit one more neatly. Indeed, so skilled was Zorath, that King Ferdinand would have no other smith make and fit the shoes for his own horse, or for the horses of the royal guard.
      Zorath worked in his smithy just outside the main village in Vàldovar, close to the road leading into and out of the village. Travellers would often stop at Zorath’s smithy, after a long and tiring journey, and have new shoes fitted to their horses.
      So cleverly did Zorath fit the shoes that even the weariest horse, at the end of the longest journey, would seem refreshed and ready to undertake a longer journey still.