The King and Wizard Stories recount the adventures of a clever King and his beautiful Queen, a wily old Wizard, a handsome Prince, a pretty young Princess, and a host of other colourful characters, in a series of three lavishly illustrated hardback books (Magic in Vàldovar, Dreams of Vàldovar, and Wonders of Vàldovar). In these stories, widely acclaimed as modern classics, the Wizard casts his spells and works his magic to solve a series of problems arising in the faraway land of Vàldovar. Suitable for children in the 7–13-year age-group (and for reading aloud to even younger children), these delightful stories will appeal those of all ages who love reading about spells, magic, dragons, mermaids, unicorns, fairies, kings and wizards. Written with humour, in a rich, resonant language that never ‘talks down’ to the reader, and containing no unpleasant images that could disturb young minds, these fantasy tales are beautifully illustrated with full-page watercolours. The books are accompanied by integral CDs on which the songs and poems in the stories have been set to specially-composed, fully orchestrated and sung music, resulting in a magical and unique interaction between words, illustrations and music. The handsome, high-quality binding and heavy-weight glossy paper of each volume ensure that these books make wonderful gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion. Find out more about The King and Wizard Stories, published by the Children’s Books Division of Marius Press, by entering the magical kingdom of Vàldovar.

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